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Little Songbirds CD

Counting, tickling and action songs - peek-a-boos, knee-rides and dance-alongs! The Little Songbirds CD is a fresh and vibrant mix of traditional nursery rhymes and new children's songs. A goody-bag of musical treats, they are professionally performed by Michele de Casanove and have been skilfully and beautifully arranged using real instruments such as guitar, accordion, drums and violin.


Little Songbirds offers a structured musical journey that's fun, lively and educational, created to stimulate, challenge and delight. Sometimes funky, sometimes pure and lyrical, sometimes bouncy, sometimes nostalgic and whimsical. A sparkling collection of songs to tickle your tune-buds!


Sing, dance, and join in with the actions or simply sit back and enjoy.  Our popular CD  is available through our classes and now also via Amazon.


You can also download a selection of the CD lyrics by clicking here.


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